There are two main things to consider for the henna for your wedding – what design you are going to have apply on your wedding, and what you’ll provide for guests. Bridal henna typically takes about 3-5 hours, depending on the design chosen.Super simple bridal henna can be completed in 1-2 hours

Note for Brides:

All bridal designs will be done no later then 48 hours before the wedding in order for stain to mature to its full colour. * Please have your waxing/shaving, pedicure, manicure and tanning done before the application of henna. These things can severly affect the stain and long lastingness of designs.


The cost of bridal henna depends upon the designs sequence and patterns accordance to the need of bride, Bridal Designs $PRICE ranging is between (200 to 450) in providing of beautiful dark colour of bridal henna on both sides of both hands and tops of the feets. We arrange some designs for getting you an idea so you can pick something from it or if you do have some wish list designs do send us, then we will quote you its price. So start with filling out the form in CONTACT page and let us know about your requirements.


We completely welcome if the brides want to make it Memorize to get henna done among their family members and loved ones, Also we offer a comfortable place in south Winnipeg to get henna application done. We will discuss it in accordance with your conveniences. Additional travel fees do apply if your place will be more then 20 minutes from my place.
Booking Details
Please note a 50 $ deposit is required to reserve your date and book your service As we often booked up to a year in advance. It is best to contact us 2-4 months prior for regular dates and 6 months prior for summer/spring high season dates.
are non refundable but in the case of cancelation we can transfer your deposit to another date.

of booking is entirely based on the date when deposit has been received . After receiving the deposit and all the detailed discussion and verification of the design and venues will be done you will receive a confirmation email of final contract. We are ready to make your special event so beautiful for you.