Henna (also known as mehndi) is produced from the leaves of the “henna plant” (Lawsoina Inermis). The leaves contain a red dye called ‘Lawsone’, which gives a radiant red stain on the skin. Then leaves crushed into fine powder, the powder is sifted, and then mixed with a different ingredients such as essential oils (eucalyptus, aromatherapy grade essential oil, lavender, tea tree etc.), lemon ,grapefruit ,sugar and apple juice to create a smooth paste. This paste is then poured into the henna cone rolled from cellophane, which allows the artist to create designs and fine lines. This paste has been used for thousands of years throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Recorded use of henna in Ancient Egypt, can be seen on some mummies. After the henna is applied onto the skin, it dries in about 20 – 30 minutes.

We recommend to keep your skin away from water atleast 6 to 8 hours in order to get a darker stain. After hennah gets dries off on your skin it left a beautiful color stain.

We use natural henna powder adding some oils to make a paste. As an expert opinion we won’t recommend the use of Black henna as it contain hair dyed color, which could be harm for skin.




Zaib Mumtaz, is the founder of henna by Zaib. She is origionally from Karachi, Pakistan, Currently lives in Winnipeg , Canada.She is a professional henna artist by doing that more then 18 years with a expertise of Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, Sudanic,Moroccan as well as western art body tattoos. In Canada, she is famous for her unique, quick and customizable designs as she provides her henna services for brides and weddings ,Festivals, Occasions, Parties of all size, Individual, photo-shoots and editorial work, and Destination weddings and much more.

“I remember, My mother told me in my childhood around age of 5, when someone did henna on my hand I was wondering about the designs and ask her to make sequence in empty space, she, the artist got astonished and compliance according the need of her little customer.Later on at very early age of 9, I started practicing with henna, I was a good drawer, sketcher and painter which enhanced my skills in this Profession. In Pakistan, henna secured a highest value like “sweets”. On every occasion whether Eid, Weddings, Engagements, Festivals, Birthday parties women’s are really fond of getting henna done to them and rest of the family members. So, having too many costumers around, enabled me to start doing henna tattoos professionally .In a journey of turning hobby to part time business thanks to a very supportive creatively nurturing family”



Before a vacation trip, we had the pleasure of meeting Zaib to have her Henna my daughter and a friend’s hands. The girls had always wanted to have this done and were nervous but excited to finally have this done. Zaib is a very skilled and talented artist. Her friendly and welcoming demeanour put the girls at ease, and her experience showed immediately in the professionalism of how she applies the henna and conducts business. She is a wonderful person, we were so happy to have trusted her with this memory. The girls were so thrilled and proud of Zaib’s work. The intricacy of her detailed work is amazing and beautiful. Each henna was a genuine work of art. Zaib takes her art seriously and only uses the best imported henna..which lasted a week – even after the girls went swimming EVERY day! The girls were stopped several times by people giving compliments and asking about the designs. We highly recommend Zaib to anyone wishing to have this beautiful adornment. We will definitely use Zaib’s services again! Thank you!
Bradley Bayer
Zaib is truly an artist when it comes to applying Henna. She is really skillful and will make any design you show her. Her work is not only neat and creative but also the color comes out GREAT. The henna she uses gives the best color! I love getting my Henna done from her
Zumara Mattu
When it comes to henna, Zaib is the best of the best. She has done the most gorgeous henna for me and I love looking through all of the stunning photos she posts of elaborate designs she creates. Zaib is a versatile artist and does henna of all different styles for any occasion. Her work is inventive and while keeping her years of experience in mind she produces beautiful custom designs that exceed her clients expectations. After discussing what the client is looking for, Zaib is efficient and works quickly with her faultless technique. Whether you are looking for bridal party mehndi, to accessorize your look for a special event, or just because- I would highly recommend making an appointment with Zaib.
Ameena James


It has been using from thousands of years tradionally and occasionally in many countries such a India , Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, etc . Its considered as a blessing for bride to be and applied for luck as well as a symbol of joyful beauty and happiness. There are various stories and folk lore associated to it such as, the bride who gets more darker henna colour on her wedding, the more her husband (some says mother in law) will love her .
Henna is use to beautify your skin the way tattoos does, but you can get many designs on the same place in different times unlike tattoos. Also if you want to apply some tattoos on your body you give it a henna test to see how it will looks like.
Traditionally It applied on hands and feet of women, especially on occasions such as Engagement , Weddings. Hennah gives a darker colour on two areas of body hands and feets, but it can really be applied anywhere on the body as per your preference.
It takes 5 to 10 minutes, also it depends on the complexity and length of designs .
You can see hennah color in my portfolio also there are some remedies you can get it done to get more darker color for that see my TIPS column. Hennah gave a reddish brown colour after application and it gets darker within two days dark mahogany brown. Henna color entirely depends upon your how you treat it , follow the instructions and your body chemistry with henna.
It’s a mixture of such harmful materials such as Permanent hair dye, kerosene, charcoal and some other chemicals which give you a dark tattoos color stain but these can cause poisoning , permanent scaring or painful sores. Natural hennah is dark reddish brown although Henna is not Black and we don’t recommend to use of black henna nor we do.
No ,natural hennah doesn’t cause any allergies but if you do have some skin allergy ask your skin specialist and get a free sample hennah tattoo from us, if it works on you, doesn’t show any reaction you are ready to get a beautiful henna.
It’s a paint which use to apply on skin cannot last longer, theonly henna exist is the natural one , Now the white black ,blue , purple are just some paints and chemical mixture.
Henna stains particularly stays for 7 to 10 day . and you cannot remove the fresh stain right away. But there is some ways people apply to fade it , washing dishes, taking bath swimming, just put your henna stained skin meet to water ,Also doing manicure /pedicure helps to fade is it involves scrubbing , massaging ,exfoliating etc. Waxing can also fade away the satin faster.Some people takes help with bleaching but I won’t recommend it.
You just need to place it in a open and airy place and do not use water or any chemical on it, so it will last longer up to 10 years.
Yes , Its all customizable .
Yes, besides original Henna, we use paint colour as per costumer requirement .